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About shozzing

shozzing is comparison shopping service. We collect information on products and their prices from thousands of online stores and then compile all these data in a single convenient and easy to use catalogue so that online shoppers could select the right product at the right price from millions of goods on offer and then click on the chosen product to be taken to the online merchant's site where they can complete their purchase.


Continuously operating since July 2005, shozzing has long established itself as the industry leader providing upmarket service to both online shoppers and online merchants.  

We differentiate ourselves by being the most innovative company on the market.  

We consider constant attempts at imitation by our competitors as flattery and stay a step ahead by continuously developing novel technologies. For example, our search algorithms allowing online shoppers to quickly and selectively find the products they are looking for has no analogues in the industry. Or, our algorithms and processes to classify products submitted to us by online merchants are unique in their effectiveness and efficiency. And we do all research and development right here.  

While continuous innovation is our core strength, we also are famous for our unparalleled customer service - demonstrable by numerous unsolicited letters of praise, superior quality of information delivery and attention to detail. The company is managed by a highly qualified and experienced team with over 10 graduate and postgraduate degrees between the members.


shozzing provides online shoppers with a single point of interaction with the world wide web creating a comprehensive shopping environment and putting online buyers in control. Shoppers are empowered with information allowing them to select the right product from a wide range of goods, find this product at the best possible price and buy it from the most reputable online store selling this product. This service is provided totally free of any charges.


shozzing rewards program is favourite way to earn cash and gift cards online by doing what you do every day: watching videos, playing games and answering online surveys


Shozzing gives online merchants an upmarket advertising platform. Their products become widely seen by potential buyers, delivering genuine shoppers to their online stores. This favourably differentiates shozzing from generic search engines, notorious for their low visitor-to-buyer conversion rates.